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Battle Tank Arena, LLC

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Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Military veterans will receive
10% off arena game card purchases.

Tickets & Merchandise

Tickets and Merchandise

We are pleased to offer a selection of products.


Arena Game Card

You can engage in a 20-minute tank battle in one of our 60 personal driven battle tanks to generate scores and cause damage to your opponents' tanks.

Price: $35.00

Arena Game Card

Preloaded Arcade video game card

Purchase our preloaded 250 credit game cards at a savings of $12.50 to use in any of our games. Don't lose your spot at HALO because you ran out of credits.

Price: $50.00

Reloadable Game Card

Reloadable Arcade game card

Only playing a few games? Purchase our arcade game cards and load as many or as few credits on it as you like. OUR game cards don't expire!

Price: $4..95

Flash Drive

Tank Arena Flash drive with tank battle download.

Take all your memories home along with a video of your tank battle. From 3 camera views; 2 views from your tank and one from the overhead arena cam, your experience is captured along with your score and the score of the other 19 tank commanders in your battle on our flash drive for you to view time and time again.

Price: $15.00


Tank battle download

Already have a BTA flashdrive? Just download your gaming experience to your BTA drive and take your bragging rights home to show off.

Price: $10.00

BTA T-Shirt

BTA Tee-shirt

Walk in pride in a tank arena Tee-shirt

Price: $12.00



Various styles and sizes to commemorate your time at the Arena.

Price: $12.00