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TANK AND ARENA Specifications

Lady Next to a Tank

Main Battle Tank drive and power system

The Battle Tank is the focal point of play at Battle Tank Arena. At the size of a small car, the tank comes out at 10' long, 4' wide and 50" high. The Tank moves by 2 electric drives, which operates the treads independently from each other so you move and feel like a real tank would. The power for this is provided by an electric car cell battery, which means this can operate 14 hours before ever needing a recharge. With its beefy electric drives and power supply, it will handle a driver up to 250lbs.

Close-Up of Tank

Battle Tank weapons system and target sensors

The Battle Tank has a 400 round capacity that fires a 3" rubber RFID encoded ball from its main gun; these rounds pass through an RFID encoder before entering the gun to get imprinted with your tank number on them, ensuring that any successful hits on an enemy tank sensor will give you the points for the hit. Inside the turret, you will have a counter that shows you how many remaining shots you have left. The gun system will fire at a rate of 2 rounds per second, giving you a fast rate of fire but be warned, ammo is limited, and after your ammo is gone, you are nothing more than a target.


Battle Tank Visual Displays

You are totally enclosed inside the Tank, so you have to rely of your view screens to drive and shoot. Your forward display is projected to you on a 30" screen that is fed to you by a 110-degree angle camera mounted just over and behind the main gun. This Camera will provide you with a wide area of viewing directly in front of you for driving and targeting other tanks. Your rear view is displayed on 4x6" screen directly below your main viewing screen giving you a 90-degree view of what is directly behind you. These 2 cameras and displays allow you complete, forward, and rear views while you operate the tank.


Turret Cockpit Cam and communications

Inside the Tank, you will also have a cockpit cam that records your play from inside the Tank, this view is added to the Flash drive download should you choose to purchase the memories download after your game.

You have 20 communications buttons inside the tank so you can communicate with any of the other Tanks during your play. Have friends in other Tanks? Work out a strategy to corner and destroy an enemy tank.


The Arena

The arena is an indoor 2+ acre facility that can be closed off to two 1-acre arena's for regular gameplay or opened up into a massive 2-acre arena for team battles of 10 on 10 Tanks whose job is to destroy the other Tanks command center which shuts down that team's Tanks.

The Arena is filled with obstacles and a labyrinth of maze type barriers that could have an enemy tank just waiting around the corner. Even as larger as the arena is, there is no one place to hide very long with 19 other Tank commanders looking to destroy you.