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Tank Arena

Drive Real Tanks Today

At BTA, you're only a ticket away from real, fun tank combat. You and 19 other drivers compete and shoot for top score and to disable other tanks in a 20-minute battle. Our two-acre arena features mazes and obstacles to challenge you, recreating the experience of an active battlefield where the environment is only one threat among the many that you'll need to overcome to be the next undisputed Tank Commander.

Our tanks are 5' wide and 10' long but only 54" high with a full array of tech inside. Inside, you will find your forward view displayed on a 30" digital display supplied from a camera mounted on top of the main gun. Rearview is displayed on a 4x8" screen by a rear cam. You have communications with the other 19 tanks to either work together on a single target or just listen to their strategy.

Ammo is limited! As you drive real tanks, you'll have to carefully manage your 400 rounds of RFID encoded rubber balls that we match to your tank so that hits on an opponent's sensors rack up points for you. Every 3 hits your tank sensors take reduce its speed and firing capabilities by one percent. Once a tank receives 300 hits on its sensors, the tank is dead and shuts down. The driver's forward view is then replaced with the 360-degree overhead arena cam where they will watch and wait out the rest of the battle until returning to the staging area.

Make Memories that Last

It's hard to forget the fun of authentic tank combat. Even so, you'll want to keep every moment of your experience. In addition to our live feed for spectators, we offer the complete 20-minute, three-camera gameplay download recording with your score ranking and the rankings of the 19 other divers for purchase on flash drives that customers can buy or bring in. Share your victories with friends or use them to strategize for your next visit.

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